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Hire a Qualified Arborist for Tree Protection in Sydney

Trees on development and construction sites are normally bound by conditions made by the local council. These typically include tree protection in the way of Tree Protection Zone fencing, trunk and branch, and ground protection. These protection measures are also covered in our Arboricultural Impact Assessment reports which are normally directly referenced by the council. All tree protection measures must be installed and maintained for the duration of the construction project in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4970–2009: Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

The types of Tree Protection in Sydney we provide

Tree Protection Fencing

  • Once erected, protective fencing must not be removed or altered without approval from the project arborist. The TPZ fencing should be secured to restrict access.
  • TPZ fencing is to be a minimum of 1.8m high and mesh or wire between posts must be highly visible. Fence posts and supports should have a diameter greater than 20mm and should ideally be freestanding, otherwise be located clear of the roots. 
  • Tree protection fencing must remain intact throughout all proposed construction works and must only be dismantled after their conclusion. The temporary dismantling of tree protection fencing must only be done with the authorisation of a consulting arborist and/or the responsible authority.


Ground, Trunk and Branch Protection

  • If temporary access for machinery is required within the TPZ of trees to be retained ground protection measures will be required. The purpose of ground protection is to prevent root damage and soil compaction. Measures may include a permeable membrane such as geotextile fabric beneath a 100mm thick layer of mulch or crushed rock below rumble boards, or steel plates or track mats
  • Trunk and branch protection may be required where protective fencing is not feasible. The purpose of trunk and branch protection is to ensure accidental damage from machinery does not occur to the sensitive areas of the tree. This involves wrapping the tree in hessian or geotextile fabric to create a soft buffer. Timber battens are then secured to the tree with straps to ensure the trunk does not become damage. These battens are not physically drilled into the tree so you can be sure there will be no adverse effects.
Canopy Consulting - Tree Protection
Canopy Consulting - Tree Protection
Arborist in action

Questions to Ask a Reputable Tree Service in Sydney

Tree care is difficult for ordinary people to handle. There are certain elements that you’re responsible for; however, it’s best left to a qualified tree service in Sydney. To ensure you protect your investment in their services, don’t be afraid to ask these pertinent questions.

  • What are their credentials, and do they have the appropriate insurance cover? Accidents are a random occurrence, and you can never predict when something may go wrong. It’s best to deal with an arborist who possesses the necessary insurance such as Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workers Compensation. As a result, you’ll enjoy financial cover, if any incident occurs on your property. Furthermore, you want to ensure you’re working with a reliable arborist, so asking them about their qualifications and associations isn’t uncommon.
  • An arborist with experience will own the equipment they require to conduct a thorough job. You shouldn’t be afraid to enquire about the plan to address the situation with your trees. Ultimately, you don’t want heavy power equipment destroying your flower beds and other garden attractions to rescue a tree. Additionally, find out about their clean-up policy to ensure you’re not left to dispose of the dirt.
  • Communication is central to preventing misunderstandings and arguments. As such, ask the arborist about an approximate completion time along with a detailed quotation, displaying their costs and services. These questions ensure that you’re prepared for the project and won’t deal with unwanted surprises.

About Canopy Consulting

We have over 10 years of combined experience in the industry with tree management in Sydney being one of our core services. The equipment we use is unique and highly advanced. Our systems and processes have earned us the reputation of being an efficient service provider with the implementation of advanced diagnostic decay testing.

We always visit the site to conduct a thorough inspection and identify what the needs are and list it in a detailed report. As an AQF Level Five arborist, we’re in the best position to provide reports, offer advice on pests and disease affected trees, suggest tree management plans and bespoke tree services. We can provide you with a professional point of view for residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors where trees are your primary concern.

Contact us to set up a site visit and provide a solution to your tree problem.