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Industry best practice advice by AQF Level 5 (AQF5) Consulting Arborists offering solutions to address tree health, condition and safety concerns.

Whether you require a tree condition report, risk assessment, preliminary or Arboricultural Impact Assessment report, the team at Canopy Consulting have a breadth of experience to ensure your objectives are met.

Like any plant, trees may suffer from various ailments that may lead to health decline. We have experience in many innovative, unique, tested and emerging methods to improve the health of your tree.

Sometimes, due to their size, traditional canopy spraying of trees just don’t cut it! That’s where tree injection comes in. Tree injection is a novel approach that ensures the effective control of many insects that affect trees. We have experience in the effective control of psyllids, scale and Elm Leaf Beetle among others.

As consultants with practical tree climbing experience, we can install bespoke lighting systems to highlight the organic qualities of your trees while ensuring the impact from poor installation is minimised.

Sometimes it may be necessary to go beyond the traditional visual tree inspection. Canopy Consulting have access to innovative technologies including PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and Resistograph drills that allow us to see inside your tree and give an accurate assessment.

As experienced consultants with extensive tree climbing experience, the Canopy Consulting team is able to access the upper reaches of your tree to inspect for issues that may lead to increased risk of failure and provide advice to reduce that risk.

Lightning poses a real threat, particularly to tall trees in prominent locations. Canopy Consulting has the expertise to develop and install lightning protection systems to divert the destructive forces of lightning away from your trees.

The success of young tree plantings hinges on many factors. Prior to planting these include stock selection and site preparation. Formative pruning is also a key factor to ensure young trees attain their full genetic potential while minimising the chance of inherent issues that may create additional cost as the trees mature.