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Experienced Arborists Help with Tree Protection in the Western Suburbs

Canopy Consulting offers a range of services to aid tree protection in the Western suburbs. Perhaps the most significant benefit of ensuring trees are protected is hope for future generations. Urbanisation has increased at an exponential rate, which is why green spaces are becoming increasingly important.

Benefits Of Tree Protectors Western Suburbs

The benefits of installing tree protectors in the Western suburbs are twofold. Firstly, when you protect trees, you are enhancing the health of all everyone to enjoy the shade these trees provide, not to mention the fact that they also absorb several pollutants and trap dust.

  • Tree grilles are flat metal surfaces that we lay around the base of the tree and should be installed when initially landscaping and planting trees rather than around established trees. These offer protection to the tree’s roots, keeping them safe from cyclists, people walking, and even animals.
  • Tree guards are like small fences that are placed around the tree to keep the trunk of each tree safe from harm. You can remove these once a tree has grown sufficiently to withstand a few more bumps.
  • Positive effects of the installation of tree protectors in the Western suburbs include environmental benefits – the carbon monoxide absorbed by trees helps to slow global warming. It supports wildlife as birds, and many other animals build their homes in trees.
Canopy Consulting - Western Suburbs
Canopy Consulting - Western Suburbs

How Much Do You Know About Tree Management in the Western Suburbs?

Although many people may say that it’s best to leave nature alone to follow its course, this is not always feasible or practical. Our proactive approach to tree management in the Western suburbs allows us to deal with any problems that have the potential to cause widespread damage if left unchecked.

  • For example, we use technology regularly to determine whether a tree is too diseased or damaged for it to survive or not. In such cases, we will help you plan the best way to remove this tree.
  • If one of your trees becomes infested with pests, there is a significant risk of these insects spreading to other trees on your property. Effective tree management in the Western suburbs reduces this risk – we will identify the problem and take the necessary steps to prevent the spread.
  • Climate change has also had an impact on how trees are grown and managed. Some trees are no longer able to grow where they used to, as a result of vastly different weather conditions that affect their growth adversely. It is also critical to enforce tree management in the Western suburbs in order to ensure the amenity and ecological benefits of the area are maintained and increased.

About Canopy Consulting

We are based in Sydney and have been operational for ten years. The services we provide are unique to each client, whether you are a commercial property developer or a first-time homeowner. We provide top-quality advice in several areas relevant to trees, as well as offering practical solutions.

If you’d like to find out more about tree reporting and assessment in the Western suburbs, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.