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Keep Your Trees Healthy with Our Arborists in Northern Beaches

If you need help from reliable arborists in Northern Beaches that can help you keep your trees healthy and under control, look no further than our qualified services. Whether you need us to consult or provide detailed tree reports, you can always count on Canopy Consulting to get the job done right.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors When You Need an Arborist in Northern Beaches

Simply put, you want the best team for the job when you need reliable tree management in Northern Beaches. Here is why we believe we are that team, and why we are better suited for your requirements than others:

  • We have more than ten years of industry experience working as arborists who provide you with tailored solutions to your tree problems. Whether you have a tree that needs trimming, want us to investigate a potential disease or infection on it, or merely need advice regarding if a tree is hazardous or not, we can quickly assist you.
  • We keep a keen eye on any new developments in the arborist industry so that we always provide the best solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to make sure you get modern treatments for your tree problems and not dated ideas that might create more problems for you.
  • We provide our services to all industries so that everyone has access to a reliable arborist. We can aid the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors with our knowledge and reliable solutions to both common and rare tree problems.
  • Since our team has years of climbing experience, we can help install bespoke lighting systems in your trees if you want to create a beautiful atmosphere. Having professionals handle installations such as this prevents poor installation and damage to the tree or even damage to the lighting system from the tree in the future.

With more than ten years of experience, a keen eye on the latest arborist trends, the ability to service all sectors, and additional services such as lighting installations, it is easy to see why our clients keep coming back. Our experience is yours to use for the most effective tree solutions out there. So, why not consider letting us help you tame your backyard the next time you need tree service in Northern Beaches?

Canopy Consulting - Services North Beaches
Canopy Consulting - Services North Beaches

Common Signs that Indicate You Need a Level 5 Arborist in Northern Beaches

To help our clients better understand when they should consider our tree protection services in Northern Beaches, we put together a few examples of when we can assist:

  • If you have old trees hanging over your property, we can help you assess whether that tree poses a danger. Old, large trees can do significant damage to your property due to branches being prone to snapping in high winds. If we find that a tree does indeed pose a danger, we will suggest the necessary steps to prune it to achieve an acceptable level of risk.
  • If any of your trees have visible rot or decay around their roots, you should address it immediately. The reason why handling it promptly is essential, is due to rotting roots creating structural weakness in the tree. What is worse than a branch falling on your house? An entire tree toppling over.
  • Your trees might take up more space than you want, in which case we can help you figure out the best way to remove or prune them with no property damage. Having unqualified teams chop down your trees can lead not only to property damage but to unsightly results and unnecessary issues.
  • We can help you with formative pruning to help your young trees grow up healthy. This process helps maximise the genetic advantage the trees can experience, while also minimising the potential for common problems such as spreading disease.

About Us and as the Popular Choice for Tree Protectors in Northern Beaches

Our lead arborist, Kane Hollstein, has spent more than 15 years in the horticultural industry, and more than ten years in the arboriculture industry. Kane takes pride in his ability to find tailored solutions for all our clients, whether you need us to investigate rotting roots, a disease diagnosis, or to assess the risk posed by a large tree. We offer affordable services that cover a wide range of problems so that you can always have the arborists you need from a single team.

The next time you need help with trees on your property, why not utilise our experience and understanding to your benefit? With years of experience from a team that keeps a close eye on the latest industry trends, you know you will always get the best results. If you need tree protection on the Northern Beaches, we are the obvious choice.

Call us today, and we can provide a reliable solution to any of your tree problems.