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Is It Time for a Tree Service on the North Shore? We Can Help.

When is the right time to call for tree service on the North Shore—and who should you call when the time comes? The truth is that any property with one or more large trees growing on it can benefit from a thorough tree report and management plan. Whether you’ve just recently bought a forested property or have recently had a problem with a hazardous tree and want to avoid issues in the future, a call to an experienced arborist can make all the difference. At Canopy Consulting, we are proud to offer a variety of tree reporting and management services to property owners in the Sydney area.

The Importance of Smart Tree Management on the North Shore

Why is it so valuable to have a trusted arborist near North Shore Sydney? Trees, while we often think of them as features of our property that don’t require much care or attention, are living entities with complex structures and many vulnerabilities. Here’s why it’s important to spare some thought for tree management on your North Shore property:

  • Tree management is a necessary safety precaution. Trees—especially older, larger ones—can always theoretically pose a risk to your property and your neighbour’s or the safety of any person nearby. If a tree falls, or if a limb breaks loose and falls, it can cause significant damage or personal injury. Tree protectors or Consulting Arborists on the North Shore can identify health issues with the tree, including disease or pest problems, can advise on tree removal or pruning and offer other guidance for how to preserve the health of the tree.
  • Tree management can ensure a healthier tree for longer. When they are managed, trees are an incredibly beautiful and desirable feature for any property, residential or commercial. They provide natural beauty, kerb appeal, character and shade to a property, all of which are exceedingly positive attributes. Working with a professional arborist on a tree management plan can help keep the tree growing healthfully for longer, ensuring more years of having that gorgeous fixture on your land.
  • Tree management professionals are a necessary party for tree pruning or removal. Perhaps an overgrown tree is blocking your property’s view of the water, or maybe you’re developing some of your land and wish to remove a tree. In most cases, councils will require you to apply to prune or remove a tree as part of a development process, which will, in turn, require supporting documents from an arborist.
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What Sets Canopy Consulting Apart, Regarding Tree Service on the North Shore?

If you require arborists in the North Shore Sydney area, we hope you will consider Canopy Consulting. When it comes to tree reports or consultancy, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to deliver a superior service. Here are a few of the factors that help set us apart from the other tree protection services on the North Shore:

  • Our business is rooted in more than a decade of experience. Our owner started Canopy Consulting after more than 15 years in the horticultural industry and more than a decade in the arboricultural industry. He’s worked and trained with some of the best and most respected arborists in Australia and spent six years as a climber before pivoting to the consulting side of the industry. This foundation of knowledge and experience enables us to provide an extremely well-rounded perspective for our clients.
  • We embrace technology. One of our sources of pride as a business is that we are a bit more tech-savvy than the typical arborist. Many expert tree services on the North Shore rely on the age-old tools and tactics that have been the norm in the industry for decades. While we have our fondness for the old ways, we also believe there is always room for advancement, innovation and improvement. With that thought in mind, we always take the time to familiarise ourselves with the latest tech in the arboricultural industry, such as advanced diagnostic decay testing technology. These state-of-the-art tools keep us on our toes but also give us the ability to provide better, smarter service to our customers.
  • Our up-to-date industry knowledge. Our love of the latest technology is something that comes from being a part of the younger generation in the arboricultural world. Our relative ‘newcomer’ status in this industry means that we also have a thoroughly informed knowledge of the current issues and ailments facing the arboricultural community, as well as of the solutions necessary to respond to those challenges. Our up-to-the-minute knowledge always informs tree protection on the North Shore.

What Makes Canopy Consulting a Cost-Effective Option?

One of our goals with Canopy Consulting was to ‘trim the fat’ off some of the services that exist in the arboricultural industry. So many tree report or tree management services pad their service with things that customers didn’t explicitly ask for and don’t necessarily need. We have worked to streamline our services and delivery methods down to their essentials so that we can offer more timely, concise and cost-effective solutions for our customers. As a result – if you need a tree management professional or a tree surgeon on the North Shore in Sydney but are worried about cost, you are likely going to be pleasantly surprised with us.

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