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The Arborist in the Eastern Suburbs You Can Rely On For Solutions

At Canopy Consulting, we pride ourselves on being a trusted arborist in the Eastern Suburbs. We’re ready to bring you the solutions you need to maintain tree health and effective management on your property, in your neighbourhood or much larger premises. We support our comprehensive service range with advanced equipment and our highly skilled staff that has an extensive background in the horticultural and arboriculture industries.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Tree Protection Services In The Eastern Suburbs

There aren’t many arborists around who can provide the same kind of tech-savvy support that we do. We are also part of a much younger generation of arborists in the region, giving us an edge on the most advanced solutions in the field.

  • Consultancy forms a large part of our tree protection services in the Eastern Suburbs. We can provide information on the specific tree species and its identification and provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the health of the tree if there are any health concerns. We can do a thorough pest and disease assessment and advise on several aspects of maintenance.
  • Our team is fully qualified to provide substantial tree reports. Councils often require such reports when developers apply for permission to prune or remove trees. We can assist with tree condition reports, arboricultural impact assessments and tree hazard identification reports.
  • Over the years, we’ve become quite adept at climbing trees and will gladly assist aerial inspections of trees from above ground to assess for things which may not be visible from a normal inspection.

These are only a few of our many unique service solutions to your tree concerns.

What Sets Canopy Consulting Apart Regarding Tree Management in the Eastern Suburbs

There are many reasons why you should opt for our service when you require tree protectors in the Eastern Suburbs.

  • Although we are part of a younger generation who opts to stay on the cusp of developments in the industry, we also have an expansive background in caring for trees.
  • We can provide all the technical advice and tools you need, and we combine this inclusive service with flexibility to provide you with precisely the bespoke solutions for your unique concerns.
  • Our team relies on cutting-edge technology to give you answers you could never have found before. One such an example is our advanced diagnostic decay testing system testing the resistance of any tree.

About Canopy Consulting

We noticed there was a gap in the market for quality advice and solutions as well as comprehensive reporting, and we decided to offer this niche service. We back our service with our vast experience and our flexible solutions to give clients what they want.

Are there any trees on your property causing you concern? Contact us, and we can give you the clarity and solutions you need.