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Like any plant, trees may suffer from various ailments that may lead to health decline. We have experience in many innovative, unique, tested and emerging methods to improve the health of your tree. The types of health treatment we provide are:

  • Tree nutrient implants
  • Soil remediation specifications
  • Ground decompaction
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – predatory insect pest control

Pest management provides a unique challenge for trees due to their size and difficulty targeting when using traditional canopy spraying techniques. Tree injection is a novel approach that ensures the effective control of many insects that affect trees while keeping insecticides contained within the tree. We have experience in the effective control of psyllids, scale and Elm Leaf Beetle among others. Our experience has allowed us to offer training courses to arborists and horticulturists wishing to learn this technique.

This is not a simple process as many factors dictate whether a treatment is successful. Incorrect application can also harm your trees!

Typical pests we treat for are:

  • Elm Leaf Beetle (Xanthogaleruca luteola)
  • Eucalypt psyllids (Glycaspis and Cardiaspina)
  • Pink Wax Scale (Ceroplastes rubens)

We’re also able to apply nutrients directly into your tree using this method. This is particularly useful for trees growing in sealed environments – city footpaths for example.

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