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Environmental Tree Service Western Suburbs

Comprehensive Environmental Tree Service in The Western Suburbs

The Canopy Consulting team is your partner in a comprehensive and flexible environmental tree service in the Western Suburbs. We can provide you with complete reports concerning any aspect of your tree from health concerns to pruning advice as well as council reports when you need to remove trees for new development.

Problems Tree Protection Services in the Western Suburbs Addresses

We have a range of services to help you with various concerns you can have about trees on your property.

  • Do your trees look slightly under the weather? Part of our expert tree services in the Western Suburbs is to provide you with a comprehensive arborist tree report on the health of your trees. We can advise on the nutrients your tree may need, any soil remediation it would benefit from as well as pest control management.
  • A visual assessment may not be enough to give you a comprehensive arborist tree report of the state of your trees. In such a scenario, we rely on our expert solutions and through advanced PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and Resistograph drills, we can determine the state of the inside of any tree. The data we can obtain through this progressive method can help you decide whether the tree can stay or if it is time to go.
  • Tall trees in prominent places are always at risk of lightning strikes and can have a detrimental impact on the tree and the surrounding area. Hence, we’ve developed our state of the art lighting protection system as part of our tree protection offering, guarding tall trees and diverting the brute power of such a force away from your plantation.

As an expert tree service, you can rely on us to bring you solutions perfectly suited for your concerns.

Canopy Consulting - Environmental Tree Services
Canopy Consulting - Environmental Tree Services

The Importance of an Arborist Tree Report in the Western Suburbs

There are many reasons why you might need an arborist tree report from a provider of trusted tree protection services.

  • These reports often form part of your application at the council when you want to prune trees or even remove them altogether.
  • Have there been concerns raised about risks that trees on your property may impose? We can help by compiling a tree hazard identification report to determine if these complaints are legit or not.
  • Tree management plans are vital to maintaining the health and wellness of the plantation you own. A comprehensive tree condition report can help you determine the state of your trees and what you should do to remedy the situation.

Fun Facts About Canopy Consulting

  • Our background includes 15 years in the horticultural industry and ten years in arboriculture.
  • We were climbing trees for six years before offering our bespoke solution.
  • We always adhere to industry best practices while incorporating more advanced solutions in our service.

Do you need our tree inspection services in the Western Suburbs? Don’t delay, reach out today and let our team bring you the tree protection services you need.