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Care for Your Trees with Help from Qualified Arborists in Sydney

When concerns or problems arise with a tree on your property or within your care, it might be time to reach out to arborists in Sydney. Although it is easy to take trees for granted, especially when they are all around us, they are living beings susceptible to the same problems and concerns as any other …read more

Hire a Qualified Arborist for Tree Protection in Sydney

Trees on development and construction sites are normally bound by conditions made by the local council. These typically include tree protection in the way of Tree Protection Zone fencing, trunk and branch, and ground protection. These protection measures are also covered in our Arboricultural Impact Assessment reports which are normally directly referenced by the council …read more


Is It Time for a Tree Service on the North Shore? We Can Help.

When is the right time to call for tree service on the North Shore—and who should you call when the time comes? The truth is that any property with one or more large trees growing on it can benefit from a thorough tree report and management plan …read more

Keep Your Trees Healthy with Our Arborists in Northern Beaches

If you need help from reliable arborists in Northern Beaches that can help you keep your trees healthy and under control, look no further than our qualified services. Whether you need us to consult or provide detailed tree reports, you can always count on Canopy Consulting to get the job done right …read more

The Arborist in the Eastern Suburbs You Can Rely On For Solutions

At Canopy Consulting, we pride ourselves on being a trusted arborist in the Eastern Suburbs. We’re ready to bring you the solutions you need to maintain tree health and effective management on your property, in your neighbourhood or much larger premises …read more

Your First Choice for Experienced Arborists in the Southern Highlands

Canopy Consulting is pleased to offer a wide range of services as arborists in the Southern Highlands. In today’s ecological climate, we take our work seriously, and use cutting-edge technology when it comes to practising arboriculture …read more


Experienced Arborists Help with Tree Protection in the Western Suburbs

Canopy Consulting offers a range of services to aid tree protection in the Western suburbs. Perhaps the most significant benefit of ensuring trees are protected is hope for future generations. Urbanisation has increased at an exponential rate, which is why green spaces are becoming increasingly important …read more

Comprehensive Environmental Tree Service in The Western Suburbs

The Canopy Consulting team is your partner in a comprehensive and flexible environmental tree service in the Western Suburbs. We can provide you with complete reports concerning any aspect of your tree from health concerns to pruning advice as well as council reports when you need to remove trees for new development …read more


Obtain a Professional Arborist Tree Report in Sydney from Us

Whether you have a potentially hazardous tree on your or you’re a developer who is creating a new living estate, and you want to plant trees around the land, you require an arborist tree report in Sydney. Canopy Consulting is one such company with the qualifications, equipment and experience to provide an arborist report for development applications and more …read more

We Provide All the Tree Protection Services Your Property Needs

Maintaining beautiful trees on your property requires you to utilise the necessary tree protection services when the time comes. Our team can provide everything you need to help you make sure your trees stay healthy and grow up the right way. Choose Canopy Consulting for qualified arborist assistance …read more