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Sometimes it may be necessary to go beyond the traditional visual tree inspection. Canopy Consulting have access to innovative technologies including PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and Resistograph drills that allow us to see inside your tree to determine it’s relative safety level.

This type of advanced assessment is typically reserved for significant landscape assets where it is prudent to reach for additional data rather than the chainsaw; to validate the safety factor of the tree rather than remove.

Aerial inspections are often recommended to assess the upper reaches of a tree for issues which may not be entirely visible from a ground-based inspection.

Many consulting arborists (AQF5) are unable to provide this service and often rely upon trade level AQF 3 arborists for data capture. This may lead to a misinterpretation of the structural issue or miscommunication from climber to arborist. Ultimately, this is not the best outcome for your trees.

Canopy Consulting have extensive tree climbing experience and are able to provide detailed assessments and reporting for concerns you may have about your tree or to verify the concerns of a ground-based assessment.

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