Our Story

We’ve been in the tree industry for more than 10 years and that’s for a reason – we love what we do! We’re also the younger generation of Arborists. That means we’re up to date on many of the current issues, ailments and solutions to complex tree problems. We also frequently work with industry leaders in plant biosecurity and advanced tree technologies.

Canopy Consulting was born from a need to fill what we saw as a niche in the market - quality tree advice, reports and solutions to address what our clients need without all the padding. We provide exactly what's required in a timely and concise manner using our own in-built systems to streamline the process and provide a more cost-effective solution for our clients.

This may mean we ask a few more questions initially but we want to be sure about what it is you wish to achieve and if we can actually help!

How can we help?

We service all types of client who may need help or advice for how to best manage their trees or negotiate the Development Application (DA) process. From residential, commercial, industrial land managers through to strata managers, schools and universities - Canopy Consulting are here to help!

Through the use of our own systems and processes that have been developed in house, we are sure we can provide a quality deliverable at a reasonable price. This might not always mean we are the least expensive but we strive to ensure we achieve our clients objectives and then some!

Many clients require our services because they may be concerned about the risk of tree failure, or a pest or disease causing a decline in health or whether their building or construction can be built where they want - we've done it all and can provide unbiased, best-practice advice and solutions for what you need!

Meet our Arborist

Kane Hollstein

Kane has been in the horticultural industry for 15 years and the arboricultural industry for 10 years. He was trained under and worked with some of Australia’s most respected Arborists. Kane spent 6 years as a climber before moving into consulting full-time. He thoroughly enjoys finding solutions for his clients applying - both novel and industry best practice approaches.

  • Plant Identification
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Sonic Tomography
  • Aerial Assessment Reports
  • Plant Pest and Diesease Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Diploma of Arboriculture (AQF level 5)
  • Certificate III Arboriculture (AQF level 3)
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)
  • Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)
  • Valid Tree Risk Assessment Training
  • PiCUS Sonic Tomograph training presented by the manufacturer, Argus Electronics Gmbh
  • Resistograph and structural assessment training presented by Rinntech inventor and manufacturer Frank Rinn
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